such sober certainty of waking bliss (wakingbliss) wrote,
such sober certainty of waking bliss

little girl.

Little girl, bedecked in frills and lace,
why won’t you come out of your shell?
There is brilliant life outside of your mind.

“What would you know about life?” she says
while shedding her dress,
and taking up arms.

Little girl, you’ve become a jaded young woman,
why won’t you let go?
There are so many great things waiting for you.

“I’ve spent all my time waiting,” she says,
only her voice betraying her age,
but not the fire in her eyes.

Little girl, with bombshell boots and long blonde hair,
why won’t you open up?
There is someone out there for you to love.

“Love was never a part of my fairytales,” she says
with one hand on the trigger,
and the other guarding her heart.
Tags: fairytales, little girl, love
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