such sober certainty of waking bliss (wakingbliss) wrote,
such sober certainty of waking bliss

the city.

the city sleeps, but she is only beginning.
she falls into the haze,
hungry for life the night bleeds,
skin to the floor and secrets tucked under her tongue,
only lifted with the kiss of moonlight.

the city pulses, and breathes the night.
“but those fools, they know nothing of nature,”
she thinks as she tastes the moon with feral teeth,
samples the swollen tears of heaven,
for even angels must feed.

the city dreams its dream, but this is her truth.
saints and sinners alike dwell in the night,
but both burn at her touch,
and she revels in the power,
as she gives herself to the moonlight.

the city wakes, and she falls into herself.
the first thing she feels is feeling,
but she slips silently into her body,
kisses her love goodbye,
and bites her tongue to stifle her craving for the night.
Tags: city, dream, night
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