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music is my everything.

I have this deep feeling of passion. Something inside me is growing, blossoming like a vibrant pink flower amidst an imminent darkness. In my heart, there's a love and fondness, not for any human, but for something more alive than any human could ever be. Alive with emotion, alive with despair. It takes its hold all too easily, and I welcome it with open arms. Music sings inside, and I'm so desperate to let it all out. I practice every night now, no matter what the circumstance. I want to do this. I want this to be my future someday.

Everytime things are okay, it tips the scale, and nothing is all right on the other side. I wish I was good enough to make everything synchronize, but nothing works in my favor anymore. It's so hopeless.

But I'm not afraid anymore. I'm not afraid.
Tags: future, music, passion
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