such sober certainty of waking bliss (wakingbliss) wrote,
such sober certainty of waking bliss

the purpose!

This journal was previously used for another purpose, but it lost its use when I became less of an irritable person.

Here, I will post most of my writing, past and present. If there are any content warnings, I will post them on the initial entry and have a cut leading to it, so you won't have to bitch and moan about how inappropriate whatever I wrote may be.

I just want to have some sort of archive of the stuff I've written in the past. Enjoy it, for whatever it's worth.

P.S.: It's all mine! Don't claim it as your own, or I'll track you down and... you just imagine what kind of pain I'll inflict on you. :)

EDIT: Also, for longer pieces, I will put them under a cut, so I'm not taking up your friends page.
Tags: disclaimer, intro
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